Breast Cancer Survivor

In October 2015 when Carla was diagnosed with breast cancer, she was floored. Her first thought was "Am I going to die?" Her answer came quickly...God said to her "you stay focused on a positive outcome, prepare to tell my story and I will do the rest".  She  adjusted her thoughts and attitude instantly.  Her cancer diagnosis was triple negative, which is an aggressive form of cancer so she had to have chemotherapy first, then a double mastectomy followed by radiation.  After her second treatment of chemotherapy, she began writing her one woman show.



God did exactly what He said He would do! After the chemotherapy, surgery  and radiation was complete, Carla spent time healing and putting together her one woman show title "The Truth" about Breast Cancer.  His story had to be told! On October 1, 2016 she presented her  hour and a half production which was held at the Historic Carver Theatre in downtown Birmingham.  The room was filled with family, friends, fans, some of her doctors, nurses and most important...other cancer survivors. She says; "it was the most rewarding shows of my life".  Her goal is to take the show all over the world! Don't wait for show to come to you...BOOK "The Truth"  and bring her to your city......



Comedienne Carla Youngblood is defintely Da' Truth. I laughed the whole time. She made you laugh, then she turned, encouraged and inspired us. Whenever...wherever her next show get there. You won't regret it.  Laneta F. 

Comedienne Carla Youngblood you are a star--funny, honest, inspirational. That moment in the show tonight when you danced was a testimony. The whole show is a testimony. You make the world a better place. Congratulations on a flawless show.  Jimmy E. 

Comedienne Carla Youngblood I thoroughly enjoyed the show on today. I love THE TRUTH more people need to hear it and her.                        Audrey B.

My Bald Truth

Breast cancer survivor, Carla taking control of the situation.

Music: Control by Janet Jackson