Carla the Comedienne

Clean Comedy

Carla Youngblood is a natural-born talent!

Carla has been making people laugh from the time she could talk. Being the baby of five, making her family laugh was the only way she could get some attention. This created a desire to be on stage. She took a detour and became a Certified Public Accountant because she had a baby to feed. Once he was grown and gone, she could afford to miss a meal or two. Her first performance was  at the Stardome Comedy Club in Birmingham, Alabama for   a fundraiser called "REALTORs Got Talent" -- REALTOR being another detour she took along the way.  The performance was a success and she never looked back.  Also, she never sold another house!

Carla takes pride in being a comedienne who tells it like it is, hence h stage name "The Truth".  She  says; "With my observational style of comedy, I will approach any subject and it brings me joy when people can relate because it is so real".  In October 2015, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer...she had to talk about. "It is my therapy" says Youngblood.  After having 16 rounds of chemotherapy, a double mastectomy and 28 treatments of  radiation, she created a show  titled "The Truth" about Breast Cancer where she shares her experiences in a unique and hysterical way. This show lead to her being featured on  Inside Her Story with Jacque Reid on the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show!

Currently, she can be found serving as a volunteer for the Forge Breast Cancer Survivor Center and traveling throughout the U.S. performing her show about Breast Cancer bringing joy and encouragement along with sharing stories about other real life issues.  Her goal is to make millions of people laugh including you!

"The Truth about Breast Cancer

This is Carla's comedy DVD of her one woman show performed at the Historic Carver Jazz Hall of Fame...